Magic: The Gathering Cards I Want

I'm currently looking for the following cards:

Also looking for the following cards in any language besides English:

  • Kjeldoran Skynight
  • Mesa Falcon
  • Wild Aesthir
  • Ekundu Griffin
  • Freewind Falcon
  • Duskrider Falcon
  • Armored Pegasus
  • Skyshrould Falcon
  • Welkin Hawk
  • Pegasus Charger
  • Angelic Curator
  • Tormented Angel
  • Thermal Glider
  • Defiant Falcon
  • Diving Griffin
  • Wild Griffin
  • Royal Falcon

If you want to send me any of these cards, e-mail me for information.

I'm looking for these cards in real life, not as scans. Please do not offer to send me scans of these cards.

Or you can also send me some money...
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e-mail address:
last name: flaminio
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